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Honey Comb House

We live in a global state of emergency in which the number of refugees is constantly growing. Accordin to ACNUR, in 2014 about 59.5 million people were displaces because of war. It is crucial that architecture intervene in a search for an optimal solution that covers these people’s necessities.
HoneyComb House is a Project that endeavors to create a modular prototype primarily constructed of honey comb panel cardboard. This allows the prototype to be lightweight but resilient at the same time, and in combination with the recycled tarps, achieve a comfortable space t olive in for long periods of time. The construction of the refuge was designed so that it can be set up in a minimal amount of time. The use of the doublé tarp system contributes to the ability to control the interior temperature, and reduce the range of temperatura between day and night. A cross breeze is archived by opening the sky light and the entrances.
The use of non-sustainable or non-recycled materiales has been minimized so that at the end of the refugees use of the prototype it can be easily recycled.



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