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Master of International Cooperation Sustainable Emergency Architecture

School of Architecture UIC Barcelona

The students of the Master of International Cooperation Sustainable Emergency Architecture of the School of Architecture UIC Barcelona have taken up the challenge of designing alternative first emergency shelter solutions, during a one week workshop, applying the following design parameters: fast construction, low cost, flexibility and resistance to a shelter for 4 persons of a maximum of 18 square meters, and a tight budget limitation. Despite the same parameters, each group has faced the problems through diverse approaches. Some groups have focused on the reuse of existing materials, such as pallets, or others, have gone further and apply the reuse of existing elements such as plastic fruit or beverage boxes as the building material for all components of the shelter (floors, walls, etc.). Others have explored the layers of the tents materiality, incorporating to them insulation, ventilation and permeability. The topic of time and construction has been taken into consideration in all cases, but also the temporality of the shelter and the fact that in many cases, the first emergency shelter becomes a permanent living structure due to protracted situations. Therefore the idea of adaptability and extension has been a recurrent aspect in all the proposals. Likewise, they all coincide on similar core concepts to build on such as:   safety, expansion, modularity, reuse, flexibility and the need of going beyond the unit, and introducing the need of community spaces as part of shelter design.

UIC Students:
Sarah Beyer, Carolina Collignon, Agenese Grigis, Michel Jaquet, Boshra Khoshnevis, Mariana Londoño, Jonathan Maier, Sneha Malani, Marcello Maltagliati, Martina Manna, Catharina Meier, Renata Mendez, Livia Mikulec, Mahnoor Naveed, Chiara Oggioni, Estella Pasquini, Jess Pauly, Marta Petteni, Federico Rota, Roohia Salma, Soophia Salma, Patricia Schappo, Soledad Viteri, Walker Toma
UIC Course instructors:
Arch. Emilio Hormias, Arch. Nasr Chamma and  Dr. Arch. Carmen Mendoza Arroyo



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