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Contingency and Praxis



10-11-12-13 Nov

Over this last critical years, we have been preoccupied with the issues around contingency and of refuge making and self making like The Jungle at Calais. We found out (between all of us involved) there was a will to make of such enquiries a living and practical experience. After having to cancel last minute and  had postponed our Summer Lab Experience at ETSAV Campus, we are all meeting this November from 10 to 13 in Barcelona’s plaza de la Catedral and with base at COAC/ETSAB. The prototypes and tests, made by our guest and participants during the previous months will be displayed and we will be able to continue our research and conversation. The core of the research was concerned on how to make, or improvise a Protective Prototype and the various uses we could have of it.



10/11/12/13 nov 2016 

This year eme3 theme has being focused on emergency architecture, under contingencies and unexpected situations, challenging the methodologies of construction and of rapid assembly and disassembly, which then, can be adapted to dense, chaotic and crowded zones and the uses of unexpected and difficult terrains. Taking as parameters the providing of an economy of resources, both in the constructive aspect and the responsible use of new technologies and materials. The plan for a praxis camp situation due last summer in the ETSAV (high technical school of architecture del vallès) that worked as a field laboratory. Where prototypes designed and built by the participants, could be installed and tested, using them as habitations during the days of the summer campus residence. However, after a series of unexpected delays on getting institutional support, the process collapsed just one week of the inauguration. This case precisely, exemplifies quite structurally, how even the best planned projects can become weak, fragile and vulnerable. As we had planned, the November meeting at the headquarters of COAC (Col.legi d ‘Architects of Catalonia) continues. We are articulating the projects that although they could not be “field tested” will be displayed and also installed, although they can not bee inhabited. Lectures, debates and exhibitions along with a couple of new workshops (context switching generates changes ) will be part of the meetings and we hope that it arises to return to a consolidated campus better able project. 



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