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We use Reed as material of construction; a very invasive and rhizome residual growth plant. Global human migrations are generally  found in warm, dry and temperate countries; optimal growth for reed. A construction material at 0 cost!. Contacto con la naturaleza y trabajo en equipo para dejar atrás un triste pasado y dar paso a nuevas comunidades temporales de emergencia.

BREPIER is displayed in a step instruction manual to facilitate the self-construction of emergency housing Beyond this manual, the project defends the concept #diwo (do it with others) as the construction process requires teams of 2-3 pax. The simple construction makes this project accesible to everyone, based on interlocking walls and floors as a crossbow pallet reeds. The walls used rope as clamping joints between the rods that compose them, there are foldable and deployable in a few seconds, thus facilitating the transport and storage of them. Once built, it is easy to disassemble, transport, assemble and return to give shelter to those who need it.

Bernat and Àlex Piera, architecture students from E.T.S.A.V University, the met in an eme3 workshop, working on the organization of an emergency temporary camping, were they decide to participate on the competition too. Experimenting with natural materials and learning new skills on bioarchitecture workshops, they started to research about Reed as a construction material. “In La Rierada de Molins de Rei” they could find all the reed needed. As isolating and waterproof material, they thought about something easy to find wordwide  (addvertising canvases, pallets, plastic traps etc.) For BREPIER prototype, the University gave them the canvas and pallets.

Bernat, also has realized different ephimeral Works of  social commitment, recently (09-2016) he okupate two parking places to use them for a new public activitie, in park(ing) day 2016 event.



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