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This workshop will be given by Sans Plus Attendre (s + A!) And Conjuntos Empáticos (Sálvora Felíz + G Marta Soler), and its realization is going to be divided in two parts.

The first part is conform as an exchange of experiences, in which Sans Plus Attendre (s + A!) will share its contribution in the Refugee Camp in Calais, this will trigger a participatory dialogue on common space in emergencies and how the tire materials (polyethylene, pVC, etc.) can be exploited to generate architecture to solve specific problems in an unconventional, fast and economical way.

In the second part, and implementing the ideas and conclusions obtained the previous exchange, we will design a pattern of a tire space, carrying out its construction, commissioning and testing, through the experience of Conjuntos Empáticos in creating these temporary spaces. We are going to generate a refuge space  built with a layer of polyethylene + air, where habitability characteristics that make possible the solution of primary problems in emergency situations will manifest themselves. We will use production techniques of the famous Instant City, or what some authors have called the useful art, for the construction of “House on Air”, a pneumatic space of a simple membrane that will take shape by air insufflation.



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