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Proyecto: Reme by Equipo Fab Lab Alicante

Proyecto: Reme

Autores: Juan Carlos Castro, Paco de Juanes y Leandro Moreno

Equipo Fab Lab Valencia: Juan Carlos Castro, Paco de Juanes, Leandro Moreno, Francisco Martínez, David Cazorla y Yordhana Gómez.

This project, conceived and designed in Fab Lab Alicante, borns from the idea of creating a haven for emergencies, such as the current Syrian conflict or earthquakes in Italy. For years now the laboratory team has been interested in this problematic. The main objective is to make it easy to build with techniques and tools of digital manufacturing. This goal responds both, the characteristics of this type of model as the proliferation of laboratories of digital production. In this model the philosophies of free and DIY knowledge are explored. This projects it has also joined the parametric design as an innovative way in this type of construction.
REME is based on the repetition of a structural unit, built from small parts that can be machined in any workshop small-scale availability of computer numerical control (CNC) or laser cutting. It is a prototype capable of being modified, versatile both in materials and production possibilities. Production design and open source, based on common materials and designed from a clear and simple geometric structure makes it easy to reprogram.

Juan Carlos Castro
Architect, director and founder of Fab Lab Alicante and professor of Architectural Design at the University of Alicante. His work as a researcher and teacher has focused on linking architecture, technology, public space and power.

As an architect has been selected a finalist for the FAD Awards for the Vertical Garden CC Las Cigarreras, draft SURI temporary shelter has been exhibited at the MOMA in NY, and has published his work in national and international journals.
Francisco de Juanes Rodríguez
Intern in Fab Lab Alicante from 2014 to 2016. Passionate about design, digital manufacturing and parameterization. He is currently developing their final thesis in architecture focused on the transformation of the territory and the landscape through technology and parametric design as key players.
Leandro Moreno Díaz
Architect collaborator with Fab Lab Alicante and in Juan José Martí architecture office. Interested in urban space as a place of opportunity, as well as the situationist practice of the city through the skateboarder perspective.



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