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S+A ! : Experimentations, utopias and theory

Sans plus Attendre or S+A (Without further Delay) is an association of architects gathered around exploring ideas and practical projects. Our work seeks to revolve around sites and places in mutation or on the city fringes; situations where evolution should not only be considered in the long term and on a large scale, but in the present, with inhabitants and users and through human-scale interventions.

We are convinced that gathering diverse personalities from a variety of backgrounds is the best way to come up with new ideas that will question our daily environment and propose other ways to live in and perceive the city.

Our collective is about experimenting with our own hands new interaction and construction techniques. To create to understand and to create to learn. To create in order to fill up our dreams, be they urban or social, whilst building on our abilities as architects – but not only. Finally our collective is about theorising on these practices so that they turn into food for thought or creative materials.


We are presenting our work through these 3 methodologies and share with the public our questions about emergency housing and alternative processes that will build the urbanity of tomorrow.



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